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How can you use social media to leverage your business?

As a business owner you may be very familiar with the benefits and pitfalls to using social media to promote your brand, product or message. However it is always beneficial to take stock of your social media strategy and make sure you are using the best platform/s for your business to capture and engage your target market.

Aussies are online, that is a fact, and they are on every day. 99% of Australians have an internet enabled device, (most have three), and 76% of people use their smart phones to access the internet.  87% of them are online every day.

*The below table, breaks down which platforms each Australian demographic is using

Social Media Table.png

So when thinking about your social media strategy you need to consider your target market, and of course what your goals are. Whether you are looking to expand into a new market, keep your current client base informed or showcase your portfolio, will determine which platform or combination of platforms will help you get the most from the time you have dedicated to social media.Most Australians read online reviews, (up to five), or blogs before making a decision.


With 13 million Australians on the platform, if you can only dedicate time to one platform, make it Facebook- but do it well.

It can be easy to spend hundreds, (even thousands), of dollars on Facebook advertising with little to no benefit to you bottom line. In fact if a potential or existing customer has a negative experience with your Facebook page, or if a negative review is handled badly it can be a very costly experience.

Too much irrelevant or pushy content will lead your followers swiftly away from your business.


Instagram is owned, but operated separately, by Facebook. Primarily focused around sharing images, with a focus very much towards mobile devices as opposed to desktop browsing. This can be a great platform for the creative industry, and also a way to showcase physical products or your portfolio.

Hashtags and tags used correctly can help you gain a larger audience, and get your images in front of your target market.

So if you are keen to get your phone camera out, take some great images and tidy them up with some easy to use filters and enhancements, Instagram can be a great general marketing tool.


If you are exceptionally famous, controversial and provide non-business content in 140 characters of less, Twitter is likely a great platform for you. Otherwise, Twitter is just not a good platform for the majority of Australian businesses and brands.

However the 2017 Sensis report has shown 70% of 18-29 year old Aussies are on Twitter, so it may be a platform to keep in mind, and prepare to use if popularity grows and your target audience falls into the younger category.


This is a platform largely used by the corporate world to promote their brands, and attract the best candidates to fill open positions. It is also used by individuals to promote their skill set and find new opportunities to progress their career.

 Paid advertising on LinkedIn is better suited and beneficial to large companies and well-known brands, however having a presence on LinkedIn can help you find and network with others in your industry and related industries. Your personal LinkedIn page will help you to showcase your skills and expertise in your chosen field. This is also a great way to find potential staff, contractors and even business partners or investors.


This is a great platform for the creative and retail industry. This allows users to create, gather and share inspiration images of the life they hope to create for themselves.

If you have products that are highly desired, (especially if they are on the discretionary side), Pinterest may be a worthwhile platform to explore.


It is probably a good idea to have a basic Google+ presence, so you are not left out in case Google updates their indexing principles. Besides this, it is a little benefit other than the benefit Google itself gains.


If your target audience in in the teen and young adult demographic, (yes I am talking about “those millennials”), this is a platform you need to get involved in.

This is a rapidly growing platform, and although a bit tricky to get the hang of at first as it is drastically different in look and feel to other platforms, this is where the young people hang out.

Advertising however can be hugely expensive. There are some cheaper advertising options to target people nearby, but to capture a wide audience expect to paying thousands to half a million to get your brand in front of your potential customer.

So what is the result, what do you actually need to do?

Pick a platform that is growing and your target audience are using. Make sure the content is relevant, positive and consistent.

Keep your content related to your brand, not too pushy and salesy.

Try to refrain from posting opinions which may polarise your audience, such as an upcoming election or religious view, keep it relevant.

Always Maintain a Positive and Professional Social Media Presence;

  • Post regularly – scheduling posts can help keep on top of this
  • Respond quickly and professionally
  • Engage with your audience, like pages who like your page, respond back to comments, and thank people for their input and support, and support them back

If you need help with creating content, managing responses and engagement or setting up your business on any of these platforms, Task Me Away can help.

We can help for one off set up, to help you get on your way, or we can be an ongoing support to help you manage and maintain your social media presence and help you meet and exceed your goals.

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