Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Visionthe-roaming-platypus-559386-unsplash

We are inspired to redefine the Virtual Assistant Service by supplying highly dedicated services to our clients, while providing competitive rates and packaged solutions that will fit their business needs and at the same time their budget.



Our Mission

We aim to provide world-class reliable assistance to small business owners and trades people so they can save time and focus on their priorities and achieve work-life balance at the end of the day.

Task Me Away is inspired to make work-life balance truly attainable for all small business owners as it doesn’t have to be a luxury only experienced by a few.


Our Valueslina-trochez-377674-unsplash.jpg

To provide professional, reliable and cost effective tailor-made solutions to your business, so you can save time, focus on your priorities & achieve work-life balance.